New Delhi - DVD

New Delhi - DVD
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New Delhi - DVD

Director: Mohan Segal

Producer: Delux films

Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Actor/ Actress: Vijayantimala, Kishore Kumar

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New Delhi symbolises the new order, which is replacing the old one. It is the nerve centre of Indian Social life where new social values are in the making... calues which are going to be the guiding star of future INDIA. All the future hopes and aspirations of the country are associated with the name of this cosmopolitan city. Here a new generation which will be devoid of all parochial feelings and comlexes whether they pertain to class, creed or province. Our story deals with the bane of provincialism from a purely human point of Daulatram Khanna, an honest and orthdox Punjabi gentleman. His .....