Nau Do Gyarah - DVD

<b>Nau Do Gyarah - DVD</b>
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Nau Do Gyarah - DVD

Director: Vijay Anand

Producer: Dev Anand

Music: S.D. Burman

Lyrics: Majrooh

Actor: Dev Anand, Kalpana kartik, Shashikala, Jeevan

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Raksha was running away from her marriage and Madan was going to Bombay to inherit his uncle, a fortune of eleven lakhs. Uncle had no child and had formerly to give his property to his wife's nephew, Kuldeep, but later changed his mind and made his will in favour of his own nephew Madan. Kuldeep's mother was a very shrewd women and before Madan could arrive, his uncle was dead and Kuldeep had become the heir of his fortune. Madan & Raksha took job in that house as a married couple and started a great search for the second will. Kuldeep was in love with Nita and she is a dancer in Surjit's hotel and Surjit was a fortune hunter. Nita and Surjit got suspicious of the way Kuldeep becoming a rich man. They came to Kuldeep's house to do some detective work. The only man to help Madan was Kalicharan who was mad and remembered nothing of his past, Only few memories of his old master.Kuldeep's mother started suspecting that Madan was the old mans nephew. When Madan felt that the cat was out of bag he openly confessed his identity and burst upon Kuldeep, accusing them of his uncle's murder bur Madan was arrested and Raksha was left to find the will and she found it but she was kidnapped by Surjit. Madan was bailed and he laid a very clever and successful trap to find Raksha and the will and to get Surjit, Kuldeep and his mother arrested.