Nagina - DVD- 1950

<b>Nagina - DVD- 1950</b>
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Nagina - DVD

Director: Ravindra

Producer: Ravindra

Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Actor/ Actress: Nutan, Nasir Khan, Hiralal, Bipin Gupta, Mohana

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A musical horror film with evergreen haunting song tu ne haye mere zakhmi jigar ko chhoo liya" Nutan's first film. But Nutan was not allowed to see, as it was given certificate of Adults only due to horrifying theme. Shreenath comes to town to visit his father. But finds him missing from many years. Getting a tip from local police, he goes to the mansion of Raiji in search of a clue. Where he meets his daughter mukta. There he hears a voice begging for help. Who was it? Something in the voice grips him and lures him back of the ghostly house. Mukta finds her love and loyalty divided between the attractive stranger and his own father. The climax in this eixsting parade of events is as horrifying as it is full of fascinating drama.