Oonche Log - DVD

Oonche Log - DVD
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Oonche Log - DVD

Director: Birj

Producer: R.K. Kapoor

Music: R.D. Burman

Actor/ Actress: Rajesh Khanna, Salma Agha, Prem Chopra, Preeti Sapru, Deven Varma, Danny Denzongpa

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Thakur Vikram Singh brings Raju to his haveli to raise him as his own son. This responsibility was put on him because of his driver ran over Raju's mother. Thakur Saheb had two children. His elder son was Man Singh and younger one was his daughter Poonam. Man singh hated Raju, but poonam loved him. It was bad luck that his younger brother, pratap singh, after murdering his brother becomes the children guardian. he in league wwith Man singh shifted Raju to the stable and tortured him in many ways. Later on Raju took revenge for all the atroities committed on him, but in his own way. You have to see Oonche log on DVD to know how to humilaterd all these barbaric prople.