One 2 ka 4 - DVD

One 2 ka 4 - DVD
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One 2 Ka 4 - DVD

Director: K. Shashilal nair

Producer: Nazir Ahmed

music: A.r Rehman

Actor/ Actress: Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, jackie Shroff, Nirmal Pandey

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Javed and Ajay are members of a special task force that combats drug trafficking. Their main target is a notorious drug lord called KKV. After a tense encounter they do scucceed in arrrestting him, but kkv, with his powerful connections manages to get acquitted in court, Javed entire life recolves aroung his four motherless children. But Ajay otherwise Javed regards as younger brother just can't stand the kids! The kids tooo dislike him and make him the target of their naughty pranks.