Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein - DVD

Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein - DVD
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Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein - DVD

Director: Meraj

Music: laxmikant Pyarelal

Actor/ Actress: Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini

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Synopsis: Ravi, an educated unemployed youth tried his best efforts to get a job to support himself and his poor mother. All his attempts fail miserably yet Ravi never lost hope for he was determined to prove that he was a worthy son to his mother. Far from the cityís hub-bub, he got a job of a postman in a village called Sitapur. His happiness knew no bounds. Afetr a long time he saw a beaming smile on his motherís face. While discharging his duties of delivering the letters Ravi also obliged many illiterates by reading the letters to them. In doing so he met many unpleasant characters such as Raghu Rampuri who claimed that his poetry was more piercing that Rampuriís knife. Nathu, a Tangawalla, never talks straight and walked straight. Raviís boss, the postmaster was a lazy lump. He preferred sleep to anything. Amina, an accentric old woman, was always looking forward to her only sonís arrival who out of fear ran away to Pakistan. His name was Rasoola. There were riots and Aminaís Rasoola lost his life. But Amina was always at the platform waiting that a train will bring her Rasoola back. In the village the letters delivered by Ravi carried various tales of tears and laughters. Mohini, a young mischievious girl always looked forward to Raviís arrival for a letter from her boy friend who was fighting on the front may be in the offing. But there was no letter from her lover. Every time he met Mohini, he started hesitating to say ĎNOí to her. Days passed by peacefully. Ravi was attracted to Mohini and slowly and gradually fell in love with her. Mohini was not aware of his amorous feelings. One day Mohini asked for a letter from Ravi, he delivered one but it was not from the front. It contained everything that Ravi, the postman felt for Monhini but before he could do so, his dream castles come tumbling down. In due course news reached the village that Mohiniís lover was killed in action on the battle field. For Mohini, life without him was meaning less. The whole village looked deserted to her. Even the people whom she once loved so dearly looked strangers to her. The only course left for her to meet her lover was to commit suicide. But there too the failed as Ravi, the postman reached at the right time and saved, Mohiniís mother comes to know, she turns panicky. Ravi, after a lot of persuasion from Mohiniís mother thought it would be looked after well. Time is a great healer. Here too, a new turn took in Mohiniís life that changed the whole future. What was it? Did Ravi her lover, come back from the front? Did Amina get her Rasoola back to life?