Panaah - DVD -1992

Panaah - DVD -1992
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Panaah - DVD

Director: Krishnakant pandya

Producer: Lawrence D'souza

Music: nadeem Sharavan

Actor/ Actress: Naseerudin Shah, Siddharth, Kiran Kumar, pallavi joshi

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Panaah realfirm the victory of good over evil but this victory is not achieved by using lists an dbullets. panaah is the story of four indominatable ruffian's encounter with a child. The cruel and wicked Vikral Singh wants four year old Raja dead or alive. he goes to an assassin Joseph who can melt stones, break bones but cannot break his promise.. Joseph is the godgather of Devaa, jeeva Rama and Bhima to whom he gave shelter when they were left to die in the street while they ewere young.