Paapi - DVD

Paapi - DVD
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Paapi - DVD

Director: Chandu lal Shan

Actor/ Actress: Raj Kapoor, Nargis

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A Nargis Raj Kapoor entertainment with Raj Kapoor in dual role

Synopsis: While Paapi is not a Raj Kapoor production movie and though played by Raj Kapoor and Nargis in the lead roles, this is not of the Shri 420 or Awara classic types. The movie has some good songs and Raj Kapoor played the dual role of Raju and Swami Satyanand very well. Nargis in the role of the milkmaid and village belle played an excellent role and was very natural in role rustic role. I never knew that Raj Kapoor Nargis had movie named Paapi until I was going through the Nargis filmography and found about this movie. The movie has some beautiful songs specially the ones played by Nargis. The story is enjoyable and the climax was as expected . I give it a seven out of ten.