Jeet - Old - DVD(Dev anand)

Jeet - Old - DVD(Dev anand)
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Jeet - Old - DVD

Director: Mohan Sinha

Producer: Raj Kirti

Music: Anil Biswas & S. Pathak

Actor/Actresses: Dev Anand, Suraiya, Madan Puri

Subtitles: English

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India has finally won independence from British rule, and there are signs of progress amongs the population. One such sign of progress is in the village where two childhood sweethearts, namely Jeet (Suraiya) and Vijay (Dev Anand) live. Vijay lives with his mom (Durga Khote) and brother Ratan (Madan Puri). Ratan, who lives abroad, returns home to India, with all new ideas of progress and advancement. This is not met well with some of the villagers, including Jeet and Vijay themselves. Ratan overhears a conversation that Vijay is not his real brother, and asks Vijay to leave the house, despite of his mother's protests. Self-respecting Vijay leaves the house, and Ratan plans to marry Jeet, and schemes with some villagers that will revolutionize his plans for progress, and make Vijay the culprit.