Jaan - E - Bahar - DVD

Jaan - E - Bahar - DVD
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Jaan - E - Bahar - DVD

Director: Prakash Kapoor

Producer: Prakash Agrawal

Music: Bappi Lahiri

Actor/Actresses: Sachin, Sarika, Jagdeep, Lalita Pawar, Padma Khanna

Subtitles: English

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Kuku Rai belongs to a wealthy family, and lives with her businessman dad and housewife mom. Since she is of marriageable age, her parents want her to get married to a young man named Ajit, who also comes from a wealthy family. But romantic and adventurous Kuku refuses to do so, and runs away from home. On the run she meets with a truck-driver named Gopal alias Gopi and both of them fall in love with each other. Then Kuku finds herself locked in a barn, and after a few days the door is opened by none other than her dad, who tells her that Gopal had claimed a ransom of Rs.17,000/- for her safe release. Subdued, after her tryst with romance, Kuku agrees to marry Ajit. But fate has other plans for her, when she finds out that Mr. and Mrs. Rai are not her biological parents, but they may have sired a young man who they decided to abandon years ago. The question remains, will Kuku's marriage take place with Ajit now; will she ever come to know who her real parents are; and who exactly is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Rai.