Jai Kishen - DVD

Jai Kishen - DVD
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Jai Kishen - DVD

Director: Sunil Agnihotri

Music: Anand Milind

Actor/Actresses: Akshay Kumar, Ayesha Jhulka, Harish Patel, Tinu Anand, Divya Dutta

Subtitles: English

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Inspector Pratap Singh is killed, while one of his son's, Kishen, goes missing, and the other, Jai, loses his vision. His wife is the only witness to his brutal death at the hands of three criminal dons. Years later, Kishen and Jai have both grown up. While Jai has mastered self-defence and use of a sword, Kishen is a career thief. When Kishen unknowlingly double-crosses one of the three dons, who were responsible for killing his dad, he puts the entire family to risk, as the criminal dons will not hesitate to wipe the entire family from the face of this Earth.