Bandini - DVD

Bandini  -  DVD
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Bandini - DVD

Starring : Ashok Kumar, Nutan, Dharamendra

Lyrics: Shailendra, Gulzar

Music: S.D.Burman

Produced & Directed By: Bimal Roy

Language: Hindi

Region: NTSC All

Number of discs: 1

Classification: U

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1

Print: Black & White

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Kalyani (Nutan) was an unusual prisoner - young, innocent looking well behaved and ever willing to help everyone. How did such a girl commit a crime to reach here?

Everyone was curious but no one knew her past - not even Devendra (Dharmendra) a jail-doctor who had fallen in love with her. Disregarding the social stigma he confessed his love for her and proposed to marry her. But Kalyani hadn't even responded.

A string of events bring promises - broken herts and now Kalyani once again finds herself at the cross roads of life.

Her choices are Devendra - who offers her a life of fulfillment and promise or Bikash - who gave her a past full of disillusionment and a broken promises.

Subtitle: English

Widescreen: No

Gerne: Social Drama