Jigarwala - DVD

Jigarwala - DVD
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Jigarwala - DVD

Director: Swroop Kumar

Producer: Mrs. Surinder Kaur Jerath

Music: Nadeem Shravan

Actor/Actresses: Anil Kapoor, Tina Munim, Preeti Sapru, Gulshan Grover, Jagdeep, Amrish Puri

Subtitles: English

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Ranjeet Singh lives in a small village with his wife, Laxmi, and younger brother, Amar. The village Zamindar, Dhurjan Singh, is angered at Ranjeet for speaking out against him and his policies, and threatens him. When Ranjeet goes to lodge a police complaint, he is killed in the police station itself. Dying, he asks his wife not to tell Amar as to who killed him, as Amar will lose his mind in vengeance, which she does. Plainclothes police do apprehend Dhurjan and he is convicted and jailed. When he returns from prison, he finds that his son, Jagga, has been killed, and he sets off for revenge, and the person he is seeking out to kill is none other than Amar, Ranjeet's brother.