Baat Ban Jaye - DVD

Baat Ban Jaye - DVD
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Baat Ban Jaye - DVD

Director: Bhrat Rangachary

Prodcuer: Anil Hans Pal & NItin Manmohan

Music: Kalyan Ji Anand Ji

Actor/ Actress: Mithun Chakraborty, Utpal Dutt, Zeenat Aman, Shakti Kapor

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Mr. Singh lives a wealthy life style in a palatial house with his only relative, a niece by the name of Nisha, who is unmarried and career oriented in the family's business. Singh would like to see her get married, and whenever he comes across any handsome and eligible handsome man, he, quite comically, foresees him getting married to Nisha. So far he has met with an advocate by the mane of Bharat SInha;' a young man named Khanna; a tourist guide by the name of Viju; a lowly motor mechanic, Prakash; and two middle classed young men, Suraj Singh, and Yeshwant Rao Bhonsle. All of therse men individually apear as prospective grooms for Nisha, the only problem is Nisha dislikes each and every one of them, and makes her dislike quite clear, keaving Singh to hilariously ponder what is going to happen to Nisha after he passes away.