ChaalBaaz - DVD

ChaalBaaz - DVD
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ChaalBaaz - DVD

Director: Pankaj Parasar

Producer: A. Poorana Chanrarao

Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal

Actor/ Actress: Sunny Deol, Ranjikant, Sridevi

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Anju lives with her uncle, Tribhuvan and aunt, Amba who abuse her both physically and emotionally all the time and also keep her drugged, so she is dependant ton them all the time. They live in a big mansion, and therefore, Anju is forced to do all the housework. Anju's passion is danceing and her uncle prevents her from persuing this. Dayal does his best to protect anju from the frequent in small tenement, driks beer, fights with men, dances, lies amongest other things....