Thokar - DVD

Thokar - DVD
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Thokar - DVD

Director: Dilip Bose

Producer: Swaran Singh

Music: Shamji Ghanshamji

Actor/ Actress: Baldev Khosla, Alka, Sunder, Joginder, Mehmood Jr. & Tun Tun

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After being released form jail, Shyamu lreutns home to his l;mom , and blind sister, Radha. Shyamu and his mom try to get Radha married, but in vain, as no one wants to marry blind woman. Shyamu takes Radha for treatment to Dr. Ashok, who assures them that her vision can be restored. and the colst is around Rs. 5000/- Shyamu gets the money and soon radha gets her eyesight back. One day shyamu rescues a beautiful young woman, seema from being raped by Gangu. Shyamu takes her home , nurses her and falls in love with her but Sheema loves another man....