Swami Dada - DVD

Swami Dada - DVD
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Swami Dada - DVD

Director/ Producer: Dev Anand

Music: R.D Burman

Lyrics: Anjaan

Actor/ Actress: Dev Anand, Mithun Chakraborty, Padmini Kolahpure, Rati Angihotri, Naseeruddin Shah

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Swami Hare Mohan (Dev Anand) is brought up as a petty thief on the streets of Bombay by a notorious criminal exploiter. He is picked up by a Swami and taken to America. Donning a spiritual mantle he becomes a Swami in his own right. Coming back to India he decides to do penance by reddeeming the members of the underworld opf whom he was once a part...