Kisaan - DVD

Kisaan - DVD
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Kisaan - DVD

Director:Puneet Sira

Producer:Sohail Khan

Music:Daboo Malik

Lyrics:S. R . Bharti, Kanwar Juneja, Panchhi Jalonvi, Salim Bijnaari

Starring:Jackie Shroff, Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Dia Mirza

Sub Titles in: English

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This sweeping, melodramatic saga of a powerful father, and his two sons, presents an honest view of the rugged life and goals of a simple farming family against the lush green agricultural lands of modern day Punjab.It begins with a Kisaan, Dayal Singh (Jackie Shroff), a widower who's immersed in the legacy of his ancestral lands as he raises two very different sons; Aman, (Arbaaz Khan) is formally schooled to become a city based lawyer while Jigar (Sohail Khan) through lack of funds and inclination towards anything other than farming is kept by his father's side. When Sohan Seth (Dalip Tahil), a shrewd businessman, convinces many beleaguered farmers20to sell their lands for his commercial interests some by using the violent tactics of the village's heavy hand, Nirmal (Romeo) it shatters the harmony of village life, and Dayal's family is jeopardized. Dayal Singh and his sons are locked into a battle of right; each is focused on their path to success. The brother's are pitted against each other with a different outlook of land and its value as the crisis in the village unfolds. The ground at their feet, is it Motherland or simply Property? It spin tails them down a direction they can never return from, leading to a shocking turn of events as their women Priya (Dia Mirza) and Titli (Nauheed Cyrusi) add to the drama and conflict. In the struggle of land and brotherhood, tragedy befalls forcing each man to re-examine his convictions. Is blood thicker than water? Will loyalty and honor outlast stubbornness and pride? Because land, land will outlast them all. Kisaan, the story of a farmer.