Ram Balram - DVD

Ram Balram - DVD
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Ram Balram - DVD

Director: Rajiv Rai

Actor/ Actress: Ajit, Amitabh Bachchan, Amjad Khan, Asit Sen, Dharmendra, Helen, Rekha, Sujit Kumar, Utpal Dutt, Zeenat Aman

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After deviously getting his step-brother out of the way, Jagatpal manipulates his sister-in-law to sign the estate away to him, which she does, and is subsequently thrown out, leaving two boys in his care. The two boys have grown up to fear and obey their uncle. Balram is now a police inspector, and Bholuram is a motor mechanic. Bholuram and Balram continue to acquire wealth, by hook or by crook, for their uncle. In so doing, Bholuram incurs the wrath of Chandan Singh and Suleiman Seth. In the meantime Balram has fallen for Shobha, and Bholuram for Madhu, little knowing that Madhu is the daughter of none other than his uncle, Jagatpal.