Raja Jani - DVD

Raja Jani - DVD
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Raja Jani - DVD

Driector: Mohan Sehgal

Actor/ Actress:Dharmendra, Durga Khote, Helen, Hema Malini, Johnny Walker, Nadira, Prem Chopra, Premnath

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Rajmata’s grand-daughter, Ratna, has been missing since the age of 12. Ten years later the Rajmata still has her people looking for her, and even celebrates her birthday every year. Rajkumar Singh and Diwan Gajendra Singh conspire to hoodwink the Rajmata by getting an imposter to take her place, and they succeed in doing so with the help of a street dancer named Shanno. Rajmata is delighted to have her grand child back with her, and prepares to hand over the crown as well as the keys to a vast treasure to her, not knowing that she is entrusting her wealth to an imposter, who will soon be turning this wealth to Rajkumar and the Diwan, and at the same time marry the nephew of the Rajmata, Pratap Bahadur.