Rajaji - DVD(1999)

Rajaji - DVD(1999)
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Rajaji - DVD

Director/ Producer: Vimal Kumar

Music: Anand Milind

Actor/ Actress: Govinda, Raveena Randon, Satish Kaushik, Shakti Kapoor, Mohan Joshi

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Raja is a lazy slacker, who wants to have an easy life. He figures that if he gets married to a rich woman, then he will not have to work. So he meets with multi-millionaire Payal, impresses her, and both fall in love. With the blessings of their respective parents' both get married. After the marrige Raja finds out that Payal is the daughter of the multi-millionaire's gardner, and soon leaves her. Fortune visits Payal and her father, when they win a lottery, and themselves become wealthy beyond their imagination. When Raja comes to know about their new-found wealth, he tries to come back into their lives, but the question is will they accept him back?.