Red Swastik - DVD

Red Swastik - DVD
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Red Swastik - DVD

Director/ Producer: Vinod Pandey

Actor/ Actress: Mona Chopra, Harsh Chhaya, Deepshikha, Yusuf Hussain Raj Khan, Usha Bachani

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Worldwide over, sex and thrills are a lethal combo. Vinod pande's Red Swastik is about a woman who seeks revenge. She had been raped, her fiance had deserted her. her kid had died in an accident on paper, the theme sounds intresting, But on celuloid its a script of convenience...

A girl is brutally raped by a group of boys and later left heavily wounded to die. But she manages to survive. What follows are acts of revenge. She starts killing each one of her tormentors one by one.