Road - DVD(Ram Gopal Verma)

Road - DVD(Ram Gopal Verma)
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Road - DVD

Director:Rajat MukharjeeProducer: Ram Gopal Verma

Music Director: Sandesh Shandiya

Actor/ Actress: Manoj Vajpai, Vivek Oberoi, Antra Mali

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Road is a racy thrilling love story set against the awesome landscapes of Rajasthan. A boy and a girl in love and on lthe run from dissent, hit the road in the hope of reaching an utopia of bliss to live happily ever after far away from an unwanted world. But the road has its own plans. It breathes, it lives, and has shocks and surprises for them at every twist and turn. The ride to hell has begun where neither the accelerator nor the break is in their control.