Learn To Play Mandolin - Classical Instrument DVD

<b>Learn To Play Mandolin - Classical Instrument DVD</b>
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Learn To Play Mandolin - Classical Instrument DVD

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Mandolin can be defined as a small stringed musical instrument of the lute family with a half pear shape a fretted neck, and a variable number of strings, plucked with the fingers or with a plectrum.

Mandolin is modified as electrically solid block Mandolin which is used for playing INdian Classical Carnatic Music.

This DVD's Learn To Play Mandolin" comprises of basic lessons tailored in a way that you can learn and practice within the comfort of your home.


1. History and Artist profile

2. Introduction

3. Parts OF Mandolin

4. Sitting Posture and handling Way

5. Tuning of the INstrument

6. Finge