Bad Boys - DVD

Bad Boys   - DVD
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Bad Boys - DVD

Starring: Rakhi Sawant, Sikander, Hemanshu, Hemant Pandey, Kiran Kumar, Harish Patel, Mohan Joshi, v

Sub Titles in: english

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Synopsis: "Bad Boys" is a story of relation and friendship which revolves around 5 boys and 1 girl wherein Rahul is in love with Ruhi but their relationship is objected by Ruhi's parents. They decide to elope with help of their friends but fate had something else in store for them, which leads to Ruhi's kidnapping by Mario. In order to extract money to release Ruhi, Rahul kidnaps Sobhraj, a business tycoon who happens to be a Don. Sobhraj feels sorry for Rahul and tries to help him get her. But at the end it is known that Rahul himself is behind the kidnapping.