Bhai Thakur - DVD

Bhai Thakur  -  DVD
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Bhai Thakur - DVD

Starring : Amit Pachori, Dharmendra, Dinesh Hingoo, Joginder, Roma Navani, Sapna, Shakti Kapoor, Shiva, Siddiq Durrani, Upasna Singh

Director : Willy-Raja

Producer : Ramesh K. Doshi

Lyrics : Siddiq Durrani

Genre : Action

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Thakur Gajendra Singh is addressed as Bhai Thakur by the people with love and respect and at time with fear. He has many foes. A dacoit Sundari wants to kill him, his brother-in-law Thakur Diwan Singh has a dispute with him in the court regarding a piece of land. Anjali a reporter comes to interview Thakur for the novel she is working on. There she meets Krishna, Bhai Thakur's bodyguard. Does Anjali discover Bhai Thakur's past? Why does Sundari want to kill Bhai Thakur? Who wins the case in the court? Watch Bhai Thakur.