Nayak - Satyajit Ray - Bengali Original Movie DVD

<b>Nayak - Satyajit Ray - Bengali Original Movie DVD</b>
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Nayak - Satyajit Ray - Bengali Original Movie DVD

Director: Satya Jit Ray

Music: Satya Jit Ray

Actor: Sarmila Tagore, Arindam Mukherjee, Bireswar Sen

Subtitle: English/ French/ German/ Dutch/ Russian/ Hindi/ Portugese/ Spanish

Print: B/W

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Synopsis: Arindam Mukherjee, a famous film star, is on his way to delhi to receive an award. The film reveals his not so good mood for his latest flop film and the over published news of his involvement in a club brawl. While traveling Arindam meets an intersting cross section of his fans. An young attractive editor of a woman's magazine. Aditi takes the interview of Arindam not biased by any fanship but rather to make a good saleable copy of it. Later on in the film we come across Arindam's terrifying dream. Awards: Special Jury Award, Berlin 1966 Unicrit Award, Berlin 1966 Award for best direction, New Delhi 1966