Nanak Nam Jahaz Hai (Punjabi Movie) - DVD

<b>Nanak Nam Jahaz Hai (Punjabi Movie)  - DVD</b>
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Nanak Nam Jahaz Hai (Punjabi Movie) - DVd

Acotr/Actress- Prithviraj Kapoor, Nishi, Som Dutt and I.S. Johar

Director Ram Maheshwary

Brand/Distributor BEI/DEI

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles English

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Eve, under the influence of the serpent, tempted Adam and together they were thrown out of paradise. Like Adam, Prem Singh is living in his own paradise, which consists of his business, his blood brother Gurmak Singh and Sister - in - law. Their paradise is complete with the birth of Gurmak Singh's son Gurmeet. On the insistence of his brother & sister - in - law, Prem marries ratni, who comes into their lives with her brother Shuka. Shuka incites Ratni into making this paradise a hell for the dwellers. Ratni divides the brothers and puts up a wall of distrust between them. Even her love for Gurmeet doesn't stop her from blinding him and trying to ruin his relationship with Channi. The only thing that keeps Gurmeet going is Channi's love and his faith that the Gurus will make things better. One woman with her lack of faith tears this paradise apart and another woman with her strong faith attempts to rebuild the paradise. Nanak Nam Jahaz Hai portrays some of the well known Guru Dwara's in India and gives much history of the Sikh religion.