Champion - DVD

Champion - DVD
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Champion - DVD

Director: Padam Kumar

Producer: Sujeet Kumar

Music: Anu Malik Actor/Actresses: Sunny Deol, Manisha Koirala, Rahul Dev, Kashmira Shah Subtitles: English

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Synopsis:Following the accidental death of his parents Deepak Parashar and Padmini Kapilla, Abbas Khan Master Abhishek Sharma inherits the entire wealth estate, and property. The police feel that his situation is vulnerable, as they suspect his parents' death was not accidental. They arrange for a full-time personal bodyguard in the shape and form of Inspector Rajveer Singh (Sunny Deol). After a series of misadventures, the child takes a liking to Rajveer, and so does the childs' parents secretary, Sapna Khanna (Manisha Koirala). Rajveer comes to know that the assailant behind the killings of Abbas's parents is one Naseer Ahmed (Rahul Dev), and traces him to a mental hospital where he is an inmate. Naseer has sworn to avenge the humiliation and death of his father and family, at the hands of Abbas's father, by killing each and eveyone in the family. Rajveer's brutal efforts to seek information from Naseer gets him behind bars, as the police refuse to believe that a confined inmate is capable of killing. With Rajveer out of the way, and an unsuspecting police force, leave the doors wide open for Naseer to finish his deadly task.