Chori Chori - DVD

Chori Chori - DVD
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Chori Chori - DVD

Director: Anant Thakur Producer: L.B. Lakhshaman Music: Shankar - Jaikishan Actor/Actresses: Raj Kapoor, Nargis, Pran, Gope, Bhagwan Dada, Johny Walker, Mukri Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Seth Girdharilal’s, only daughter Kammo wants to marry Sumant against his wish and he had no other option but to keep her locked. Kammo runs away to meet Sumant and on her way she meets Sagar, a journalist.

Girdharilal announces a reward of Rs. 125,000 to whoever gets his daughter back. Kammo starts facing problems as people try to catch her for getting reward. Sagar helps her and during this her heart changes and she starts loving Sagar. Sagar also develops a soft corner for her. They disguise themselves as married to get shelter in a guest house.

Sagar goes out to arrange some money and meantime the owner misunderstands Kammo and throws her out of the guest house. She returns back to her house with a bitter experience and his father arranges her marriage with Sumant for her happiness without knowing that she loves Sagar. Whom Kammo marries?