Chingari - DVD

Chingari - DVD
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Chingari - DVD

Director: Ram Maheshwary Producer: Panna Lal Music: Ravi Actor/Actresses: Leena Chandawarkar, Sanjay Khan, Shatrughan Sinha Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Chingari unfolds the tale of romance between Reshma (Leena Chandawarkar) a pick-pocket and Mohan (Sanjay Khan) a Police Inspector. Fate decreed them to fall in love with each other and they vowed allegiance unto death! She decides to shun the path of evil and adopt that of virtue. But it was not to be! She gets involved in a murder case...looking for an easy exit from the sinful life...she confesses her crime. Will she be punished or reunite with her parents and Mohan? Chingari furnishes answers to all these baffling questions.