Chintamanee Surdas - DVD

Chintamanee Surdas - DVD
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Chintamanee Surdas - DVD

Director: Ram Pahwa Producer: Prabir Kumar & Ram Pahwa Music: Ravindra Jain Actor/Actresses: Alka Noopur, Raja Bundela, Gouri Khurana, Rakesh Pandey, Bharat Bhushan, Anup Jalota Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Saint Surdas, the blind poet, as a great devotee of Lord Krishna. However, his spiritual pursuit has a dark history when the Brahman spurned his wife to fall in love with a prostitute, Chintamanee. His father, Pandit Ramdas Chaturvedi, died in grief and his wife committed suicide. The prostitute egged him on to seek spiritual salvation. Was he successful? Watch “Chintamanee Surdas”.