Chor Chor - DVD

Chor Chor - DVD
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Chor Chor - DVD

Director: Prem Prakash Producer: Vijay Anand Music: Laxmikant - Pyarelal Actor/Actresses: Vijay Anand, Leena Chandarvarkar, Iftikhar, Trilok Kapoor Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Aakash (vijay anand) stays with his father mr. Sahay (iftikhar) who is a retired policeman. One day his father tells him about strange incedent that he had met one of his prisoners chandan who was declared dead years ago. On the same day aakash father is attacked by a masked man, with a knife. Aakash's dying father tells akash that it was the same prisoner whom he met in the morning soon, after that aakash's father dies. Aakash manages to collect an evidence. A piece of shirt with a tailors name printed on it that belongs, to the conviet. The masked mans name is dharamveer (trilok kapoor) who is a doctor. He goes to one of his friends daulatram (jairaj) who is a bank manager. Dharamveer asks for money from daulatram, so that he can free from the city. When daulatram refuses, dharamveer blackmails him as he knows many secrets from daulatram's past life. They both plot a plan to rob the same bank in which daulatram is working. On the other hand, aakash is in search of that masked man. He goes to panchgani as bank manager, so that he can continue with his investigation. Aakash start living in daulatram's guest house. Where he meets a beautiful girl called hemlata (leena chandavarkar) akash & hemlata develop an immediate liking for each other. Hemlata is the daughter of kamla devi, who is widow. And the keep of daulatram. One day aaksh receives note kept in his room, saying that if he really cares for his life, he has to leave the place. Akash is attacked by a secret admirer of hemlata, aakash mistakes him with the murdered. The secret admirer is the son of local handloom house owner mr vibhtiprasad (mohan sherry). The note which was sent to aakash was typed on the typewriter, that belongs to vibhutiprasad. Now the total doubt goes on vibhutiprasad. Has replaced his typewriter for sometime as his own typewriter was to repaire. The typewriter actually belongs to someone else meanwhile doctor dharamveer, has always kept on eye on aakash. He keeps on migaiding aakash, what is the dharamveer's motive behind all this and many other secrets get disclosed, as the story goes on. The story is very thrilling and has got some very good twists & turns that held on the suspense till the end.