Commando - DVD

Commando - DVD
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Commando - DVD

Director: B. Subash Producer: Mushir Riaz Music: Bappi Lahiri Actor/Actresses: Mithun Chakraborty, Mandakini, Hemant Birje, Kim, Danny, Amrish Puri Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Satish (Satish Kaul) wants his only son, Chander, to be physically fit and join the army. While Satish is protecting the life of Mrs. Indira Gandhi (Asha Sharma), he is killed by three men; his wife (Sarla Yeolekar) goes insane, and his son is brought up by the local I.G. (Shashi Kapoor). Now Chander (Mithu Chakraborty) has grown up and has joined the army as a Commando. The Commander of his company, Mirza (Shakti Kapoor) is corrupt and is protecting the interests of international criminal don, Marcelloni (Amrish Puri), by stealing arms and ammunitions. Chander attempts to bring this to the attention of the owner of the arms depot, Kailashpuri Malhotra (Om Shivpuri), who disbelieves him. But Mr. Malhotra's daughter, Asha (Mandakini) believes him, as well as loves him, and she alongwith Jhum Jhum (Kim), and Dilher Singh (Hemant Birje) try to expose what's going on. Chander also finds out that the three men who killed his dad also belong to this gang, but then Marcelloni abducts Asha, and uses Chander as a pawn to get what he wants - spread nationwide terror.