Chahat - DVD

Chahat - DVD
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Chahat - DVD

Director: Mahesh Bhatt Producer: Robin Bhatt Music: Anu Malik Actor/Actresses: Shahrukh Khan, Pooja Bhatt, Naseeruddin Shah, Ramyah, Anupam Kher Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Roop Rathore (Shahrukh Khan) is a great singer, like his father (Anupam Kher) used to be. One day, his father needed to be taken to Bombay, for a treatment because he chewed tobacco. Trying to pay for his father's admission in the hospital he began to sing, one day he sang at Ajay Narang's (Naseeruddin Shah) hotel. In where Ajay's sister, Reshma (Ramya Krishna) fell in love with Roop. She in love with him, and didn't know that he loved a doctor named, Pooja (Pooja Bhatt). Not knowing, that he never loved her she made him the singer of her brother's hotel. One day she got so angry that all the girls were throwing themselves on Roop, that she wanted him to sing only for her. Rejecting the offer, he left his hotel job and went to Patel's (Shri Vallabh Vyas). Then Patel was beaten brutally by Ajay, and told Roop to never come to his hotel again. Roop needed to pay for his fathers operation, so at first he started singing on the street but no one paid him, then he went back to Reshma knowing she'd pay him and started singing for her. He was successful in paying for his fathers operation. But when his father found out that he did that he decided to leave Bombay because Roop had also told Pooja that she should leave his life, even though he loved her. Later on, listening to his father Roop left Bombay with Pooja, Reshma then tried to kill herself! Pooja and Roop get married! But then Reshma and Ajay make her suffer. Due to all that Roop's father died because of Ajay. Roop then went to save Pooja, he got there and started getting beat by Ajay, then he started to beat up Ajay. And Reshma threatened him to stop or else she'd kill Pooja. Roop then stopped and came to get Pooja, but Ajay tried to kill both of them, he missed and the bullet shot Reshma...Now watch it wat Roop will do to take revenge of his dad's death.