Koyla - DVD

Koyla  - DVD
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Koyla - DVD

Director: Sameer Arya

Music: Rajesh Roshan

Starring: Madhuri Dixit, Shah Rukh

Audio: Dolby Digital surround 5.1

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The story of Koyla (coal) is set on a background of coal mines. The supreme leader of the town is Raja (Amrish Puri). The innocent people look up to Rajasaab and worship him like God. But the monstrous two-faced Raja along with his eccentric brother Brijwa (SAlim Ghouse) secretly terrorizes and kills those very people. Shanker (Shah Rukh Khan) is a humble and mute servant of Rajasaab and unaware of Raja's evil ways. One fateful day Raja's eyes fall upon Gauri (Madhuri Dixit) a simple village belle. Driven by lust to posses her, he conpires to marry her by sending a photograph of Shanker along with a marriage proposal. Gauri instantly falls in love with Shanker and fantasizes about being his bride. On the marriage day Gauri spots Shanker in the crowd and finds Raja as the groom. Shocked she faints, but Raja grabs her and completes the wedding ceremony. Gauri never submits to Raja and she is kept under guard at all times. One day she tries to hang herself, but Shanker breaks into her room and saves her. She comes to his hut that night and she lights a flame in front of the Gods. A flame of love which would envelope them both in fire. Gauri's brother returns from Dubai and comes to see her. despite of all the suffering Gauri puts on a smiling face. But, Shanker stops her brother and tells him everything. While attempting to rescue his sister her brother is killed by Raja. While dying he turns to Shanker and pleads with him to protect his sister. Shanker grabs the hand of his lover and escapes from the mansion to the jungles. Raja uses everything in his power - helicopter, army jeeps, armed guards - to hunt Shanker and Gauri out of the jungles. Finally they fall prey to Raja. The innocent Gauri is arrested and Shanker is brutally beaten and thrown off the cliff.