Kyon - DVD

Kyon  - DVD
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Kyon - DVD

Producer: Excel Visions & Concepts

Music: Bhupen Hazarika

Starring: Rahul Dev, Sanober Kabir, Amit Jain, Sachit

Patil, Prateeksha, Chaitanya Choudhary, Smita Jaykar

Sub Titles in: English

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Vikram Desai (Chaitanya Choudhary), Neha Bose (Sanober Kabir), Tony Brar (Amit Jain), Shilpa Narang (Prateeksha) and Amar Mathur (Sachit Patil) are five college friends whose only aim in life is to groove in the discos, party hard, get high on drugs and indulge in pranks. They lead this wild life when they decide to have some more adventure. To help Shilpa acquire a sports car, the other four decide to kidnap her and ask from her businessman father (Benjamin Gilani) a ransom of 20 lakhs. The father falls for it and the five get their booty. In order to celebrate it, they go to a rave party. By the time Shilpa realizes the mistake they have done, it's too late. She wants her friends to return the money to her father while her high on cocaine boy friends insist on buying her the car. And in one of the most senseless scenes one has ever seen on the Hindi film screen, the boys, that is, Vikram and Tony bump off Shilpa and Neha. Needless to say, the three boys are in a soup now. On their trail is Inspector Aditya Solanki (Rahul Dev) who wants to bring to book the three killers.