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Chalte Chalte - DVD

Director: Aziz Mirza

Director: Jatin Lalit

Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee

Region Code: 0 - All (Plays in USA and Worldwide)

English Subtitles

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Synopsis: Priya & Raj two sides of a coin, different as chalk & cheese. Raj an impulsive, middle-class, hard-working, emotional fellow allows cupid to play havoc with his heart strings & in comes Priya, the prim & proper, sophisticated & practical girl. Both are smart enough to see their differences b'c it's rather visible to the naked eye. They throw caution to the winds & dare to fall in love. And then suddenly the game changes & so do the rules. The initial rush in your veins when you see a loved one becomes trying. The joy of canceling an appointment to be with your lover remains, but it just becomes abit impossible. Is there any chance this relationship can see what destiny has planned for it? Or does destiny really play a role in a man woman alliance? It is the story of every man and woman, only what remaines to be seen is.are they going to walk into the sunset hand in hand? See this movie to find out. "A TALE OF TWO HEARTS...Chalte Chalte Walk on along with us.