Boond - DVD

Boond  - DVD
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Boond - DVD,/b>

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Starring : Mohan Joshi, Mumtaz, Navin Berry, Pankaj Berry, Siddharth Dhawan

Director : Inayat Mahshar

Producer : Jaanam Khan

Lyrics : Taufiq Qureshi

Genre : Drama

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Neelam is a poor girl, but she born & brought up in a good society she faces so many ups and downs in her life. First man who enters in her life is Vicky (a rich businessman), second man enters in her life is Anna Seth & third man come in her life is Sagar (Lawyer). Neelam is like a drop who falls from one place to another & finally what happens to this small Boond... Boond means pure drop... who fall from Sky & Diluted into Ocean & becomes Ocean, she fall into Ganga & become Gangajal, & when this small drop fall into dirty water, she become pure Drainage... This is the whole story of Neelam, who fight with society to survive...Boond..... means Oceans of Emotion