Raaj Mahal (1982) - DVD

Raaj Mahal (1982)  - DVD
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Raaj Mahal (1982) - DVD

Actors:Amjad Khan, Danny, Jagdeep, Neetu Singh, Om Shiv Puri, Vinod Khanna,

Format: NTSC, Widescreen, Region: All Regions

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Synopsis : A wounded man (Kader Khan) riding hell-for-leather and carrying a baby on his back, succumbs to his wound, but not before he’s done his duty. He takes time off from his death throes to hand over his master’s son to a gypsy chieftain - Basha Khan (Om Shivpuri). The master was Maharaja Uday Singh of Ajaygarh, who’s been foully murdered by Durjan Singh (Amjad Khan). The child is Vikram Singh, the heir apparent. The loyal servant and the Maharani (Urmila Bhatt) escaped with two princes. After a chase and a savage sword fight, the number of princes was drastically reduced to one - the Maharani plus one son plunged into a river.....swashbuckling masala fun!