Dariya Dil - DVD

Dariya Dil	 - DVD
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Dariya Dil - DVD

Actors: Govinda,Asrani,Shashi Puri,Kader Khan,Shakti Kapoor, Kimi

Director: K.Ravi Shankar

Music Director: Rajesh Roshan

Producer: Vimal Kumar

Print: Color

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Synopsis :

Chided by his family for being the absolute miser, wealthy industrialist Dhaniram (Kader Khan) loves his money as a mother loves a child. This does not auger well with his two sons, Ajay and Vijay (Shashi Kiran and Raj Kiran respectively). The two sons despise their father and find various ways to entrap him, but in vain. Dhaniram gets in the bad books of Income Tax Officer, D.O. Gogi (Shakti Kapoor), and as a result Gogi is arrested and imprisoned. His sister, Dolly (Roshini) and brother, Gulu (Gulshan Grover) both scheme a devious plot that will ensure the death of Dhaniram, and the control of his wealth will rest with them and Gogi.