Dharam Karam - DVD

Dharam Karam	 - DVD
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Dharam Karam - DVD

Actors: Raj Kapoor,Randhir Kapoor,Premnath,Dara Singh,Narendra Nath, Rekha,Alka

Director: Randhir Kapoor

Music Director: R.D.Burman

Producer: R.K.Films

Print: Color Subtitles - English

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Dharam Karam is a story of a man who thought he could rewrite destiny. Shanker (Premnath), an underworld dada exchanges his newly born son with the son of Ashok Babu (Raj Kapoor), a great and wealthy singer, in the belief that the new environment will save his son from becoming a goonda like him. But things turn out quite different to Shanker's plan. Dharam (Randhir Kapoor), Ashok Babu's son is drawn to music inspite of Shanker's best effort to teach him his "trade" while Ranjit (Narendranath), Shanker's real son, despite growing up in an environment steeped in music and culture gets sucked into the underworld. But not willing to give up, Shanker makes a desperate effort to save his son. Will Shanker succeed? And at what cost - will Dharam and Ashok Babu have to pay the price of atonement of Ranjit's sins?