Dil Deke Dekho - DVD

Dil Deke Dekho	 - DVD
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Dil Deke Dekho - DVD

Actors: Shammi Kapoor,Rajendra Nath,Wasti,Randhir, Asha Parekh,Malka

Director: Nasir Hussain

Music Director: Usha Khanna

Producer: Filmalaya

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Jamuna, a wealthy heiress, was shocked by Harichands apparent suicide, little realising it was a cunning fake. The suicide note told of the deceased being unable to tolerate Jamunas marriage with Rana. Harichands evil designs succeeded as Rana, convinced of Jamunas infedility, walked out on her, taking with him their infant son, Roop.

Jamuna adopted Harichands son, Kailash, as also Neeta, whom she educated in Europe. With the passage of years, Jamuna thought of Kalidas as a likely match for Neeta. Neeta met Roop and they fall in love.

Harichand, yet greedy to grab Jamuns riches, planted his second son Sohan in her house, leading her to believe that Sohan was her own Roop. Harichands gamble seemed certain to pay off when Jamuna decided that Neeta should immediately be wedded to Sohan. B

Print: Black & White