Do Raaste - DVD

Do Raaste	 - DVD
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Do Raaste - DVD

Actors: Rajesh Khanna, Balraj Sahni, Prem Chopra, Asit Sen, Jayant, Mumtaz, Bindu, Kamini Kaushal

Director: Raj Khosla

Music Director: Laxmikant Pyarelal

Producer: Raj Khosla

Print: Color

Subtitle - English

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Navendu was a young motherless boy when his father married again. The step-mother saw the fear and doubt in the eyes and she promised him that he will be like a real son to her. Many years later his father on his death bed took another promise from young Navendu, a promise to look after his step-brothers and sisters and step-mother, as if they were all of one blood. Navendu kept up his promise till they all grew up and he was like a father to them.

Soon the day came when the young brothers and sisters stood at the same window of life from where they have to select the road of sacrifice and the road of selfishness. The story of Do Raste is the drama of those brothers and sisters who take different roads. It is the drama of their love and hates. It is the drama of a rich girls love for poor boy. It is the drama of todays middle class trying to find right road along which to travel the mortal journey of life. It is the drama of life itself.