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Actors: Naseeruddin,Saeed Jaffrey,Pankaj Kapoor,Amitabh, Archana Pooran singh,Rohini

Director: Pankaj Parashar

Music Director: Anand Milind

Producer: Gul Anand

Print: Color

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Drug addiction, drug abuse and drug pedding are the fiercest enemies within. A whole generation is being held captive by this evil, and the bondage is so subtle, so cunning and hence so dangerous, that it may not get the kind of serious attention and urgency it deserves. JALWA is the story of a lone man’s fight against this enemy within. Kapil, the protagonist, is a cop who goes beyond the all of his duty to smash the head of this evil. Kapil not only expose the magnitude of the crime but the flaws and inadequacies inherent in the crime fighting forces and the law itself. In the process, he also makes parents and society aware of their responsibilities. Through Kapil emerges victorious, it is not without the sad realization that while one villain might be dead, there are hundred who are thriving and the fight is long.