Kala Pani - DVD

Kala Pani	 - DVD
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Kala Pani- DVD

Actors: Dev Anand,Johny Walker,Agha,Mukri,Kishore Sahu, Madhubala,Nalini Jaywant

Director: Raj Khosla

Music Director: S.D.Burman

Producer: Navketan

Print: Black & White

Sub Titles in: English

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Synopsis :

For fifteen years Karan Mehra had been made to believe by his mother that his father was dead.One day it came to his shock to know that his father was still alive, he was undergoing a life imprisonment in a Hyderabad jail. He had been found guilty on a charge of having murdered a dancer Mala,even though he had been pleading of being innocent and he repeated it even now. Karan went to a local newspaper office to refer the entire case in detail. There he met Asha, a newspaper reporter who helped him and they gradually developed liking for each other. During his investigation Karan found out that the only witness who had spoken in favour of his father during the trial,was Ramdas, a grocer but due to some reasons his evidence was not held valid by the court..The Police inspector in charge of the case was convinced that the witnesses were bribed by the real murderer. One of the eye witness Kishori, a famous dancer was also involved in this crime and had some evidence. Some how Karan managed to get the evidence from Kishori. Karan went to the Public Prosecutor and begged him to re-open the case, but the Prosecutor destroyed the evidence.To get justice karan roamed from street to street shouting slogans finally Karan got the chance to produce the real letter to the Prosecutor.The case was reopened and, and the real murderer was arrested. Karan’s father was acquitted.