Love in Simla - DVD (1950)

Love in Simla	 -  DVD (1950)
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Love in Simla - DVD

Actors: Joy Mukherjee,Kishore Sahu,Azra, Sadhana,Durga Khote,Shobhana Samarth

Director: R.K.Nayyar

Music Director: Iqbal Qureshi

Producer: Filmalaya

Print: Black & White

Subtitles : English

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This film is based on General Rajpal Singh family. He lived in Shimla with his mother, wife, daughter Sheela and his elder brother's daughter Sonia. Sonia had lost her parents and she was illtreated in the family specially Sheela, she was as good as servant in the house. Sonia's grand mother loved her, but couldn't interfere with her daughter-in-law, who ran the household. Poor Sonia felt lonely and belived that she was nothing but an unwanted dependant, while she saw her cousin Sheela dancing through life, clad in gorgeous clothes and surounded by flock of young men. One day the most eligible of Sheela's suiters, wealthy young Dev, turned up for a visit in their house Sheela warned Sonia to keep out of the way. Sonia felt insulted and challenged Sheela she would win Dev over her and would never let him return until she falls at her feet and begged for him. The threat was so absurd that Sheela mearly laughed. The family was shocked and annoyed by Sonia, except her grand mother who was pleased by her spirit and decided to help her. Sonia blossomed into glamorous beauty , with her gay winsome ways and unselfish nature, she wins Dev. Shocked Sonia fells at her feet and begges for Dev, Sonia had to agree, although it broke her's and Dev's heart as they had fallen in love. How thing tangle grew to the very edge of grim tragedy, and was finally solved, and seperated young lovers were re-united provides an extremely thrilling climax to a very powerful and grippingly human story.