Banarasi Babu - Dvd

<b>Banarasi Babu - Dvd</b>
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Banarasi Babu - DVD

Actor/Actress - Govinda, Ramya, Kadar Khan, Bindu, Shakti Kapoor

Director David Dhawan

Subtitles English

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Synopsis :

Govinda is a simpleton from Banaras. He gets married to a foreign returned Ramya. He is the family and faithful type. She is the devilmay-care, happy-go-lucky type. He represents the Indian values. She wouldn t mind taking a dive in the village pond in a bikni. She wants to live abroad. He awants to stay with his mother in his village.

She walks out on him. Mother wants the daughter-in-law back. He decides to get the bride back but after teaching her lesson.

He goes to Singapore and other foreign locales to hunt for the runaway bride. They keep meeting off and on. He also succeeds in making her pregnant and preventing the doctor from aborting the child. She delivers a baby-boy. In the meanwhile, he becomes rich and famous. He now walks away with the 15-days-old kid and comes back to his village and threatens to marry again.

The stage is set for his re-marriage. She appears on the scene. She wants the child back. Confrontation, She says she cannot live without the child. He says if she cannot live without her 15-days-old child then why did she want to separate his mother from her child. She realises her mistake and they take pheras again. This time they marry for good.