Dostana DVD

Dostana DVD
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Dostana DVD

Director-Tarun Mansukhani

Actors / Actress - Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra

Region Code: 0 - All (Plays in USA and Worldwide)

English Subtitles

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This is a story about two guys, Sameer (Abhishek Bachchan) who is a nurse and Kunal (John Abraham), a photographer. They bump into each other while looking for an apartment to rent and coincidentally head towards the same apartment. However, they are both thrown out because the owner wants to rent the apartment to girls only, since her niece, Neha (Priyanka Chopra) stays in that apartment alone. Sameer gets an idea (when a US Soldier mistakes them to be gay couple and tells them about missing his partner) that if Kunal and he pretend to be gay lovers, then the owner will agree to let them stay. Kunal initially refuses, but agrees out of desperation. Their plan works and they move in. Over a period of time Neha, Kunal and Sameer become good friends, hanging out together and having fun.

One day Neha's boss 'M', short for Murli (Boman Irani) announces that he is resigning his job as the editor-in-chief of Verve magazine and is in charge of replacing himself. In order to impress her boss (who is gay) and bag the job, Neha invites him for dinner at her house telling him that she will introduce him to her gay roommates. The evening turns out to be a comical situation as Sameer's mother finds out that her son might be gay and turns up at their doorstep. Next day at Neha's office M announces Abhimanyu Singh (Bobby Deol) as the next editor-in-chief. Neha, heartbroken returns home where Kunal and Sameer try to console her. Kunal, Sameer and Neha then together work out a difficult project she was given by her boss and Neha becomes a hit at her office. Looking at her success Abhimanyu appoints her as the co-editor-in-chief of Verve.

Meanwhile, in Kunal's absence Sameer takes out Neha out and they share an intimate time. Later, at a mall Sameer tries to tell Neha he loves her and that he's not gay through a trial room door, but turns out Kunal was behind that door and heard everything he said. He becomes angry with Sameer and states that he also loves her. As they try to figure out what to do Kunal says that as tomorrow's Neha's birthday they should go out to this new place he knows, but actually sends him to a male strip bar while he and Neha enjoy an intimate dinner and movie at a park. Sameer comes to know of this and furiously hits Kunal and a fight breaks out which Neha ends. The next day, Abhimanyu asks Neha out to an event and asks her to bring her two friends along. In the event while the trio are enjoying, Abhimanyu enters and sweeps Neha away. Then Kunal and Sameer decide to first eliminate him together. They try telling him to do exact opposite of things that Neha likes (like asking him to wax his chest hair off and wear outlandish dress), but their plan doesn't work. They then set their sights on Abhimanyu's 5-year old son Veer (Shrey Bawa). They try to make Veer hate Neha. The next day, Neha comes to know that Abhi is going to propose her. Neha goes to Kunal and Sameer, and asks them what she should do as she is not even thinking about marriage yet. Both of them ask her not marry him and reveal that they aren't gay and are in love with her. Meanwhile Veer tells Abhimanyu of his fears and cries saying that he doesn't want him to marry Neha. As Neha tearfully turns away from Kunal and Sameer, Abhimanyu hugs her and tells her that they can't be together as Veer isn't comfortable with that. Kunal and Sameer see them hugging and presume them to be engaged. Neha comes home and asks the guys to leave the house.

Later, Kunal and Sameer go to the immigration office to get their residence permit and realize that they miss Neha, so they go to get her at an office party that she is attending. They try explaining to her but she refuses to listen and Abhimanyu enters. Kunal asks when they are going to get married and Neha tells him that they broke up because Veer wasn't comfortable with her. They both tell them the truth and Abhimanyu and Neha furiously try to leave the place. But the guys stop them and get on to the stage and tell the crowd their story and ask them tell Neha to grant forgiveness. The crowd edges them to do stuff like get on the knees and beg to Neha, when one of them asks them to kiss each other . The guys adamantly refuse to do it when Abhimanyu says that since they are very fond of being gay, it is the only way they can be forgiven. Kunal refuses to do it but Sameer convinces him and tries to kiss him but at the end moment he cant do it. As Kunal sees Neha and Abhimanyu starting to leave he forcibly kisses Sameer and Abhimanyu tells Neha that those guys were really her best friends to do this as even he couldn't have done it, even for her. Neha goes to them and they make up. After two months Neha, Kunal and Sameer are sitting in their apartment balcony and Neha asks them if anytime during their act of being gay, they ever felt anything towards each other. They vehemently deny it and Neha leaves apologizing. Sameer and Kunal look at each other and remember their disastrous kiss, and walk away.