Koshish (1972) - DVD

Koshish (1972) - DVD
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Koshish (1972) - DVD

Starring/Cast:Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bhaduri and Asrani

Director: Gulzar

Subtitles : English

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Romantic drama spaning nearly 20 years involving a deaf-mute couple, Haricharian and Aarti. Deaf and dumb bicycle messenger Haricharian meets equally deaf Aarti, and persuades her to go to sign language school to communicate with her mother and brother. The courtship leads to marriage and ultimately a child born to them. Years later, after the death of Aarti from a brief illness, Haricharian's teenage son tries to deal with the after effects as well as his history of being raised by two deaf parents when he begins courting another young girl who also happens to be deaf.